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AMC Question Bank is the right choice for those preparing for AMC MCQ Exams. The most trusted source offers flexible ways of learning and practicing.

We provide unrivaled level of flexibility with amc practice questions. When you are revising or preparing for final exams, this website should be the first place you turn. All questions are carefully written and verified by medical professionals who are in this field for years and comes with detailed explanations for each option, (wherever possible). In case you do not pass MCQs Examination, we shall provide you extended subscription for the same period you have paid for.

Medicine : 532 MCQs
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Pediatrics : 255MCQs
OB & GYN : 242 MCQs
Psychiatry : 218 MCQs
Public Health & Ethics : 101 MCQs
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Detailed explanation of every option as in why it is correct or incorrect.